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ST Business Mobile Phone Services

Sparta Telecom Corporate Integration

Corporate Integration

Integrate our business mobile services seamlessly with your corporate infrastructure, promoting efficiency and teamwork within your firm.

Sparta Telecom Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with dedicated business support, which ensures that your company's communication is always on track.

Sparta Telecom Seamless Roaming

Seamless Roaming

Stay worldwide connected with our business mobile services, which enable work and communication from anywhere in the world.

Sparta Telecom 24/7 Business Continuity

24/7 Business Continuity

With our business mobile services, you can ensure that your company can thrive even during emergencies.

Pricing Made Simple: Find Your Fit

£16 +VAT

  • 10 GB - Unlimited Text & Calls
  • 12 Months Contract

£20 +VAT

  • 20 GB - Unlimited Text & Calls
  • 12 Months Contract

£25 +VAT

  • 50 GB - Unlimited Text & Calls
  • 12 Months Contract

£35 +VAT

  • Unlimited Data, Text & Calls
  • 12 Months Contract

£14 +VAT

  • 10 GB - Unlimited Text & Calls
  • 24 Months Contract

£18 +VAT

  • 20 GB - Unlimited Text & Calls
  • 24 Months Contract

£23 +VAT

  • 50 GB - Unlimited Text & Calls
  • 24 Months Contract

£33 +VAT

  • Unlimited Data, Text & Calls
  • 24 Months Contract

If your package contains free minutes then the following applies;
*Numbers beginning with 01,02,03, 0845 and 0870 are free for up to 60 minutes
Terminate the call before 60 minutes and redial to continue free calls and avoid charges.
Calls over 60 minutes without redialling will incur charges 1p per minutes on landlines and 5p per minutes to mobiles. 0845 and 0870 numbers may be chargeable depending on the group called.
** Calls to mobile are free only to the following networks O2, EE, Vodafone and 3 Network. Call to any other network is chargeable.

Details: £65 activation and £15 router and phone delivery (Will be applicable on all full fibre packages)
Cordless Handset: £48 and Additional handset: £35 +VAT

    General :-
  • You will need an appropriate router to use this service, Sparta Telecom can supply a router at a cost of £40 which includes initial configuration for your circuit and delivery which will incur a delivery charge
  • Any applicable connection charges must be paid prior to the order progressing. Any hardware purchased must be paid for prior to dispatch.
  • All new orders and changes to existing services can be placed via our website or in writing (e-mail or post) if in doubt call our customer services on 0800 008 7996 All Prices Exclude Vat
    ADSL / FTTC:-
  • Broadband speeds are affected by your proximity to your local telephone street cabinet, quality of your phone line and any internal wiring. Estimated synchronisation speeds for your line are based on a clean line (i.e. in good condition), the DSL router being connected directly to the Openreach master socket and computer being connected via ethernet cable (any speed related issue will require this setup in order to do diagnostics). Broadband services are contended so throughput speed may be below synchronisation speed at peak times, if you require an un-contended service please speak to us about out Leased Lines.
  • *The headline speeds indicates the speed that at least 10% of customers on the service type (ADSL or Fibre) can achieve, the actual achievable rate may be higher or lower and will be indicated when you do an availability check.
  • ADSL Packages will be provided over ADSL2+ in most instances, where ADSL2+ is not available we will install your service on ADSL. Headline prices are based on a standard ADSL2+ connection (max upload speed will be up to 1.3Mbps subject to line length and quality).
  • FTTC/ADSL Migrations are free of charge. Any line which is non BT line, there will be an import charge of £30. For new connections there will be a charge (contact our Customer Support for pricing). New line installation charge is £40+ vat Contact Business sales for full details.
    IPv6 :-
  • A native /48 IPv6 block gives you 65,536 subnets, each subnet consisting of 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 addresses.
  • IPv6 on our services must be configured via DHCPv6 which is supported by most modern routers.