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Customers find moving difficult

Many customers are being had over by some providers because they are not aware of how the Ofcom regulations give operators no choice but to follow the rules, yet some providers think they can flout them, putting pressure on customers.
When a customer is out of contract they have a right to move their services if they wish, but some providers are deliberately trying to be difficult, claiming that they are still in contract and refuse to let them go and release the line to the new provider.
 Customers need to check their contracts, but usually, if they know they are out of contract i.e. they have been with the provider for more than 2 or 3 years or more, then unless they have been called and agreed to a new one, it means they are out of contract and can move providers.

However when they try, they are being told falsely they are still in contract.  Some have just received Early Termination fees to frighten them into staying, when in fact no early termination fee can be applied.  You cannot apply and Early Termination fee if you’re out of contract!
Others have been blackmailed into staying because their provider has threatened to cease their line, which would mean they would not only have no phone or broadband service, but for businesses they would lose their telephone number, vital when it’s advertised on your business cards, stationary, and on your shop or vans.
These are clear breaches of the regulations that govern all providers in the country, and is an indication of a very poor company that does not put its customers first.
If you are in this position, then we would recommend that you immediately contact OFCOM and register a complaint and ask what they can do.

If you have approached a provider to take over your services, and your services are being refused transfer for no other genuine reason other than they just will not let you go and leave them, then ask your new provider what they can do to make sure you can transfer to them.  Many providers like us have a number of tools to help, and putting our customers first is and will always be our first priority.