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BT increase their prices for the third time in 18 months

It was reported that BT are “reluctantly” raising their prices once again.  This comes just six months after the company last increased prices and the third price rise in 18 months, which is a cheek by anyone’s standards.
Business and consumer Customers are seeing increases across broadband packages and landlines, where broadband is up £2 a month and Infinity Fibre up £2.50 a month, that’s £30 a year.  Even BT Sport has not escaped and will no longer be free, with customers being charged £3.50 a month to listen to Robbie Savage’s insight.
Landlines will also see increases to various call plans, as well as adding an extra penny to calls charged by the minute to 12p for landline and 16p for mobiles.  The “set up fee” which is basically the cost of connecting a call, has increased by 950% going from 2p to 21p.

Of course BT are not the only providers to increase prices for example In November and December, three million TalkTalk customers had price increases on their broadband, line rental and TV.  And not forgetting that Virgin Media,  Plusnet increased prices in 2018 yet again.  Sky increased their prices last June, with some customers’ bills increasing by an eye watering £72 a year.  They have recently hiked their prices again.  The list goes on!
Also you may wonder why your monthly price is going up when TalkTalk has a very prominent "Fixed Low Price Guarantee." The company says that only applies to broadband, and not any bundled TV or extras. As TalkTalk's FAQ smugly puts it: "Other services such as our calling rates, boosts and TV service are not included as part of Fixed Price Plans and therefore subject to change, so even their prices can go up.

The only thing we can say is that at Sparta Telecom, we don’t just boast low prices, we give a fixed price guarantee that means your prices CANT go up, so you don’t have to worry about any price rises. Both Business and Consumer customers can relax knowing that we will never send them one of those “Price Rise” letters, informing you that prices are increasing again.  Our price guarantee promises that the price you start with, is the price you will stick with and will never increase.  We just
Cant think why all providers don’t follow us and give a fixed price guarantee especially BT.

On the plus side, Ofcom regulations state that you can break your contract from your existing supplier, penalty free, if you receive an increase in your subscription price from what was agreed at point of sale.  So you don’t have to just put up with all of these increases! If they put up your core price, simply call us for a better deal, AND a fixed price guarantee.
Just call us on 0800 008 7996, we’d love to talk to you and give you a far better price and sustained quality service! We think you’ll be happily surprised by how much cheaper we are, and don’t’ forget, the cost will never change