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Sparta Telecom has witnessed a rapid expansion when it comes to providing internet broadband in the UK. We started Sparta Telecom in 2011, with our main office in Luton, Bedfordshire. We have cultivated a strong reputation as being the best supplier of internet broadband and that too at a reasonable cost. The main motive is to provide affordable Landline& broadband to both our commercial and residential customers. We try our best to offer internet and landline services at a reasonable price and at the same time saving you money. And, above all, we are highly dedicated to providing excellent customer support to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our call prices and line rentals are the most affordable compared to other broadband providers in the UK. The price of calls for businesses starts at just 1p per minute and for residential users, it’s just 6p. So, by switching from various telecom companies UK such as BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media, our customers can make huge savings. Our landline packages are precisely dog-eat-dog today and the reason being our affordable call setup price.

Who Governs us?

It’s OFCOM who is the regulator. The Communications Ombudsman Service is an independent adjudicator, who reports to OFCOM. We are proud that we also belong to this group and work towards perfection providing exceptional service to our customers.

In search of the fastest internet service in the UK? Sparta Telecom is your one-stop solution for it. We make use of our most advanced broadband communications network. That’s how we are able to provide internet to both residential and commercial customers. We expect to improve the internet in home and office with our cut-above security and network trustworthiness. That’s how we offer an invincible value proposition.


Vision & Mission

Our Vision
Sparta Telecom forecasts our future customers, industry demands, and expectations as a forward-thinking technology industry. We wish to provide a wide range of products and services in the telecom industry in the UK. This is for both our corporate and residential clients in the UK both now as well as in the future.

Our Mission
Our mission is to be the most affordable internet service provider in the UK. You find several internet suppliers increasing the price every year, through the CPI Index, not OFCOM’S decision, it was theirs, pushing your prices up every year. On the other hand, we were the first to be committed to being the most cost-effective internet supplier in the UK. High prices of internet should not affect the business and it should not affect the business owner. This is something that Sparta Telecom will never impose. Our constant goal has always been to provide the best service at an affordable price.