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+ I got noise on the phone

If you have a noise on your line, it is usually easy to find the problem. The first step is to work out if the noise is being caused by something inside or outside your property.

Please try with an alternative phone. This should be one you know is working properly and preferably a corded handset rather than cordless.

+ I have not got a dialling tone

This may be caused by a service problem at your local exchange. If there is a problem, you will see a description of what is being done to resolve it. Most service problems are intermittent and will be fixed quickly. You can revisit the Technical Support and Repair page for updates on how the work is progressing.
If there are no service problems shown, here are some more suggestions on how to find the problem:

Is your phone handset working?
There may be a problem with your phone handset. If you have another handset, try plugging this into your phone line to see if you get a dial tone. A handset with a cord works best.
Alternatively, test your phone handset on a different phone line, perhaps at a neighbour’s house. If you still can’t hear a dial tone, then your handset may be faulty.

Is your phone socket working?
Your home will have a ‘master socket’ which all your other phone sockets are connected to. If you connect your phone handset directly to the master socket and you get a dial tone, there may be a problem with the other socket you are using.
If your master socket also contains a test socket, you need to connect the phone to the test socket. For instructions on how to identify your master and test sockets see Master sockets. You should disconnect all your other equipment, such as fax machines, modems, routers or secondary handsets before performing this test.

Has anything else changed recently?
If you have made any other changes to your phone equipment recently, this may have caused the problem. Try the following steps: Make sure that all your phone cables are connected securely and your Micro Filters are correctly installed. For more information see About Micro Filters.
If you have added any new devices such as a digital TV box, fax or answering machine, try unplugging the new device and then listening for a dial tone on your phone. This will help identify the device causing the problem.
If you have made any changes to the configuration of your broadband router or modem, try reversing the changes to see if this fixes the problem.

Do you have a cordless phone?
If you have a cordless phone, there may be something interfering with the signal. Check that the batteries on your cordless phone handset are charged, and that you are close to the base station. Also ensure the base station is turned on.

+ My phone drops the call during conversations

There are a number of reasons your phone will drop a call. One of the very basic reasons is that you are or have moved to far away from the receiver if on hands free. it could be a fault with your phone itself, or a fault at a box or exchange.
If this happens just now and again it can be an intermittent fault which is very hard to trace, however, if this is happening to nearly all your calls, then you should report this to our Support line, and have it registered as a fault. Our engineers will then check this out for you and correct the fault. If however the fault cannot be traced the engineers may need to pay you a visit.

Tips for dropping call

  • Keep your finger away from the antenna while talking on the phone on hands free kit.
  • Make a note of the time and day this occurs
  • Make sure your phone is firmly placed into the socket with a filter attached.
  • Try a different phone in the socket to see if the line or phone is faulty
  • Report any fault to our Support line.
  • + I can dial 0800 numbers

    Firstly check your bill and ensure that any outstanding amount has been paid.
    You could have outgoing calls barred by Sparta in which case call our customer services on 08009159396 and ask for accounts department regarding your account.