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Accounts & Billing

+ Saving money on your bills

Sparta Telecom provides low cost land-line and very fast broadband internet connections to all its customers at a very reasonable rate compared to other telecommunication providers. If you switch to Sparta Telecom you would save a lot of money on your phone bills. You also get reasonable rates both on your calls and line rental along with quality assured services.

There are also various plans and features which you can activate to further reduce your phone bills. There are various packages available at our website where you can take up a package as per your usage and requirement which would be very cost effective for you. There are features like evening and weekend calls on your package by which you can easily make calls at cheaper rates to your friends and relatives during weekend and or the evenings. Using the phone would become much easier as well as cost effective if you use these plans on your phone.

Moreover you would also save a lot of money on your phone bills as these plans are very cost effective and cheaper than most other providers. You can even analyse your bill and find a new plan as per your usage. Choose a plan as per your usage pattern from our website as you have a wide variety to choose from. And all are cost effective and reduce your bill to a great extent.

Sometimes plans keep changing depending on market demand so you can always take the help of our sales representatives and ask them to give you the best deal.
Our representatives are always happy to help you.

+ Billed after cancelling

If you decide to leave Sparta you could receive up to three invoices after you have asked to cancel. You will continue to receive bills until all charges have been added to your account. Your Sparta services are billed in advance but your calls are billed in arrears.

Why are you charging me after I've left?
If your bill is produced before your account is cancelled it will contain your usual advance service charges. A bill dated after your account has been disconnected will have credits for any service that you did not use. This will show in the Adjustments section.

Your final bill from Sparta will have a balance of £0.00. This shows that we have received all payments on your account and added no new charges.

+ Your first bill explained

When you receive your first bill it may seem larger than you expected. This is because the line rental is charged in advanced so you will have pro rata line rental showing for the month in which you were connected + next month’s line rental. From then on you will receive your bill as per normal. This first bill is normal throughout the industry and is applied by all providers, so you don’t need to be concerned.

Please remember that when you receive your bills in future that monthly line rental is charged in advance but the calls themselves are charged in arrears.

+ Is there a charge for cancelling my contact only

Our policy
We will apply a termination charge if you stop your service when still within your contract term. When you sign up for a minimum term service, the costs of that service are spread across the term period, for example over 12, 18 or 24 month.. Early Termination charges are applied to recover the costs of the service provided to you over the minimum contract period.

Our prices
Early Termination charges apply to all our products or service taken out. If you terminate your 12 month or Longer Term contract before the expiry date, you are liable to pay us a termination charge as follows: Note: A Termination charge doesn't attract VAT.

If terminating a 18 month contract after three months, the remaining 15 months rental will be charged, i.e. £12.99 per month line rental x 15 months remaining = £194.85 Termination charge
If terminating a Longer Term contract i.e. 24 month after six months, the remaining eighteen months rental, for the remaining contract term will be charged. £12.99 per month line rental x 18 months remaining = £233.82 Termination Charge

In accordance with the conditions for Sparta Telecom, if you terminate the contract within the minimum period, you will have to pay us any applicable rental charges for the remainder of the minimum period.

Early Termination charges frequently asked questions:

  • What are Early Termination charges?
  • Why wasn’t I told about the charge?
  • What are Early Termination charges?
    Often, customers that order services from us agree to take those services for a minimum period (usually 12/24 months). Sometimes customers will choose to give up a service within this minimum period. If they do, we will usually charge them for doing so.

    Why wasn’t I told about the charge?
    When you ordered the product with us, the prices and terms and conditions of service would have been explained by our sales advisors. Re-confirmation of length of contract, and our terms and conditions would have been sent to you in our order confirmation email, should you have chosen to receive one. We also highlight the length of term in many of our product descriptions on your bill.

    + How do i query a bill

    If you need to query you bill either the rental charges or any particular calls, then ensure you have your bill in front of you, then call our customer services line on 08009159396 and ask for accounts department. You will be put through directly and you can then ask our billing accounts to sort out the query you have.