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Business phone line

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Divert incoming calls to another landline or a mobile.
Display a caller's number before you answer the phone.
Lets you know if another caller is waiting whilst you're using the phone
Rings you back when the engaged number you're calling becomes free
Set reminder calls on your phone
Join 3 calls together in a three-way conversation.
get voicemail when you not pick up your call
Auto call back
divert your call
Choose to refuse
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Phone Line

Business Talk Basic



Will there be any disruption to my broadband service?

If you are switching broadband from another supplier, we will aim to transfer your broadband seamlessly so that there is no disruption to your service. In cases where a seamless transfer is not possible, we will manage your transfer so that any disruption is kept to a minimum.

Can I transfer my broadband?

Yes, we can accept broadband transfers from most providers. We ask you to obtain a MAC code from your existing supplier, so that we can arrange a seamless transfer without any disruption to your service. If we are unable to transfer broadband from your existing provider, we will advise you within 3 working days of acceptance of your order. In this instance, we will need to ask you to arrange for your existing broadband to be ceased and then order a new broadband service with us. This may take up to 10 working days.

What broadband speed will I get?

After your Sparta broadband service has been activated, it is important that you leave your broadband router permanently switched on for the first 10 days. This will enable us to adjust your speed and performance to ensure you receive the maximum speed possible up to the speed stated in the 'broadband availability' checker for your address.

There are several factors that can affect your speed, including:
-The distance between your premises and your telephone exchange
-The distance between your installation point and the green cabinet in the street
-The condition, length, and amount of your internal wiring
-The equipment you’re using
-External factors such as internet congestion